Austin’s District 7 Council Member Leslie Pool gave an interview to KUT News in which she “rolled her eyes” at her opponent Natalie Gauldin’s position’s on urban growth and said residents of her district “like the fact that their children can ride their bike in safety”.

Meanwhile, when asked if she would support adding better bike lines along Shoal Creek, Leslie Pool hedged and said that the decision should be left up to the “people who drive” on the road. Here’s the video from a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters:

The truth is that Pool’s policies don’t lead to safety for bicyclists, and they don’t to lead to safety for pedestrians. The only people that are protected both physically and politically under Leslie Pool are people that are surrounded by tons of metal and airbags.

Pool’s disdain for people that want to bike safely in Austin is frankly offensive. Vote Natalie Gauldin in November if you live in District 7.